Facebook Group: Wanted, For Sale and Free to Collect

How to join:

  • Visit the Facebook Group page.
  • Make a request to join the group.
  • An administrator checks your name against the membership list and allows you to join.


  • Membership to the Facebook Group is only for active TPP members who are subscribed.
  • Describe items accurately – give descriptive condition and upload photographs where possible.
  • If your item is sold please ‘Mark as Sold’.
  • You can only relist an item after 1 month.
  • Treat other members with respect.
  • TPP active membership is required – lapsed members will be removed.
  • Please don’t sell but regift the items that you been given.
  • The administrator has the final word, and is allowed to ban members for breaking the above rules.

How To Post

  • Login to Facebook and view the Facebook Group page.
  • Posts:
  • For Sale – use the ‘Sell’ button and set a price.
  • Free to Collect – use the ‘Sell’ button and set a price of £0.
  • Wanted – use the ‘Ask Question’ button to create a post, e.g. WANTED Boys onesies age 0-12 months.

Posting For Sale

When logged into Facebook, press the ‘Sell Something’ button.

How to post 1

Add your Title, Price, Condition and Photograph, and when you are done press the Post button.

How to post 2

Your posting will be listed in the group until you are contacted via a Message. Please feel free to share contact information privately via Message.

Once your item is sold please go to your listing and ‘Mark as Sold’.