Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join TPP?

Fill in the form in the Join page.

What is the area covered by TPP?

Click here to see the map with the boundary for membership.

I need to arrange childcare – how can TPP help?

We regret that the group is not an agent for sourcing nannies and childminders. Members often use the Fortnightly email to make a plea for childcare, perhaps suggesting a nanny-share, asking for recommendations or passing on contact details for a childminder with spare hours. Many people have found childcare through networking with others at the teas.

I have set up a business. Can I advertise my product/service?

Advertising is only accepted in the printed quarterly newsletter – click here for the rates and the advertising contact. We do not publicise any commercial profit-making events or make our membership details available.

I would like to attend a Tea but do not want to host one in my home. Is this OK?

You may feel you do not have room, or have the builders in, or are too intimidated to offer to host a tea. This is fine, we have plenty of members offering and the tea list is quickly filled up each quarter. You may feel inspired to host at a later date after attending a few teas and getting to know some other parents.

If I host a Tea, how do I know how many people will come?

The usual number of people attending each tea is 4-6 but this is very variable, you may have more if it is raining (park not a good option) or fewer if you are a long walk from the majority of Tufnell park tea goers. Members are asked to call before setting off for the morning tea so you will be able to advise if you have reached capacity. Occasionally no one comes at all.

What do I need to do to host a tea?

If you have indicated you are willing to host on your application form, you will be contacted by email with potential dates or you can email On the day of the tea please have some toys available, tea and coffee and perhaps some biscuits. You are not expected to provide an array of refreshments and most people are happy to sit on the floor if necessary.